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You could be the next USA National Miss!

Congrats on winning your state pageant! State titleholders are required to have a national application on file at the national office.  Please submit the application form below. Before submitting, read the Code of Conduct and Title Agreement as submitting your application is an acceptance to our rules and regulations.

Become the Next USA National Miss!

Please go to the delegate login (top right) and select Delegate Login. The password was sent in your welcome email. Inside the Login, you will find the national delegate handbook, forms, payment portals and more!

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Signing and Submitting your Application

By signing the digital signature and submitting the application, I certify that I am a natural born female and will compete as such, that I have never been married nor have I ever been pregnant or had a child, and that I am of exemplary character and a legal resident and citizen of the United States. I understand that all monies paid to USA National Miss are non-refundable, and returned checks will incur a fee of $35. I understand that if a state pageant is held in my state I must compete at the state pageant to be eligible for the national competition. I understand that a deposit of half of the national sponsorship fee is due immediately upon confirmation of state/regional title, with the remainder due no later than 60 days of confirmation. I agree to accept this state/regional title with the conditions stated in the State Title Agreement and Code of Conduct, which I have read and agree to, and will be responsible for all national program fees. USA National Miss has the right to refuse entry at its discretion. I agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth by the USA National Miss Scholarship Organization, and I am certifying that I have read and agreed to all rules which are published on the organization’s website and in the State Title Agreement and Code of Conduct.