The Three areas of competition for the national titles are :


Each delegate in the Jr. Princess and Princess divisions will get one minute to share her accomplishments, goals, and personality with each judge. Each delegate in the Preteen, Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss divisions will interview panel-style in front of all judges for two minutes. Questions for the interview will come from your bio sheet, which you will fill out and turn in at nationals registration. No political or current event questions are asked. Judges just want to get to know you, and why they should select you as our national winner. Delegates should wear an interview outfit that reflects their own unique personality (no suits.)






This is your opportunity to rock the runway! Delegates will compete in a runway fashion show modeling a red carpet outfit of their choice. This can be a short cocktail dress or a long dress – or anything in between. Anything goes! This fun and upbeat runway competition gives delegates the freedom to showcase their modeling on the runway while showing their personality and showing off their unique sense of fashion. Select a red carpet outfit that shows your own sense of fashion.







Delegates should wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate, and displays their own sense of style. There is no “preferred” type of evening gown for each age group, in keeping with our desire to let each delegate showcase her own sense of fashion. However, keep in mind that we want each delegate to look like the age division they are competing in. Each delegate will have their moment in the spotlight in the evening gown competition, to show their grace, poise and elegance.





Custom Design Your Pageant Experience! We offer a variety of different optional competitions at nationals. National delegates can explore all of our optionals  in their National Handbook.