Here's a glimpse into what people are saying about UNM:

13912515_1731408900440769_5861045477543820430_n"Judging USA National Miss was one of the best judging experiences I've had. I can't even explain how inspiring it was to see such young, driven, hard working, and well spoken young women, with such huge dreams. I was blown away by all the incredible women, and this experience is one I'll always cherish. I am very proud I was able to be part of such an unforgettable pageant weekend. I really had such a great time and now wished I could have done this system back in the day. This pageant system is incredible!"
Angelia Layton
Sherri Hill Model
Miss Utah USA 2014
Survivor Castaway Season 25



IMG_1935"The USA National Miss Organization sets the highest standards for their competition by recognizing confident, accomplished young women and rewarding those that go above and beyond to be outstanding representatives for UNM and their communities. This program encourages contestants to become leaders, and above all else, have a servant's heart. While judging at the USA National Miss Pageant in July, I fully appreciated and recognized how hard each of the contestants had worked to get to that stage. As a former contestant myself, I know just how much work and dedication goes into the process and every single girl who participated, deserved to be there and impressed me beyond anything I had expected. Winning is about so much more than simply a crown and I know the 2016 winners will use their titles to continue to make a difference in this world. I'm so proud of them and every single girl that walked across that stage. Thank you to the UNM team for having me and I look forward to watching the program continue to grow and change lives."
Kira Kazantsev
Miss America 2015





13782226_1727826397465686_229343163648565289_n"My experience judging for USA National Miss is one I will never forget! At the start of pageant weekend, I quickly realized UNM is so much more than an opportunity for girls to rock the stage. The system promotes beauty from the inside out. The contestants understand that being a good person means so much more than just looking good, and they all live a life that debunks the pageant myth that these ladies are "just a pretty face." In a society that encourages girls to look at their peers as competition and an arena that can often provoke mean girl behavior, Jackie and the UNM family have created a sisterhood that inspires young ladies to come together and use their passion for pageantry as a platform to help others. I am honored to have been a part of such a meaningful pageant that will not only positively affect the lives of the winners, but every contestant.
Logan West
Miss Teen USA 2012



Katie Stam

"The first time I spoke to Jackie about judging USA National Miss, I fell in love with her heart. Her passion, her drive and her motivation for this program is awe-inspiring! She desired to share her faith and ministry by making young women feel special, encouraging them to be their best selves, and empowering them through scholarship earnings. I love that the younger contestants had to follow strict guidelines of no makeup, no fake hair, teeth, or eyelashes, because as a mother of two young girls, I strive to teach them that they are beautiful just the way God made them without any of those things.  This program promotes just that.  I am proud to be a part of the USANM family and look forward to many more fun experiences with the team in the future!"

Katie (Stam) Irk
Miss America 2009


teresa review"It was my honor and pleasure to serve as a judge at the USA National Miss 2014 competition. Coming from the Miss America Organization and being unfamiliar with the program, I can honestly say the entire experience blew me away. All of the young women competing were incredibly tough competition, high-caliber ladies who defied stereotypes and brought new meaning to what a pageant contestant is. The entire weekend was incredibly professional, lots of fun, and always carried out with the utmost respect for each and every contestant and their families. I could see that everyone involved had a positive, uplifting experience and that the atmosphere and environment was always one of encouragement and support.  From here on out, I would always highly recommend USA National Miss to any young woman looking to gain valuable experience in pageantry, modeling, and public speaking, as well as any girl who wants to make great connections, have a thoroughly enjoyable time, and stretch herself to new limits. Thank you, USA National Miss for all that you do and for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic organization."
Teresa Scanlan
Miss America 2011




"The USA National Miss Pageant doesn't just treat their titleholders like royalty they treat everyone like royalty! I had a wonderful time being a part of the 2016 pageant and I was completely honored to have been a national judge!!"

Summer Priester
Miss United States 2015


"I have judged a lot of pageants in the last few years and without a doubt judging USA National Miss was an incredible experience. Jackie and her team put on an amazing pageant and I was able to see firsthand how special the contestants were treated and felt the entire weekend. I feel honored to have been invited to be part of such a wonderful weekend and I highly recommend this pageant system to anyone interested in competing in the near future."
Ed Fernandez
Owner of World Party Entertainment
Miss USA judge who selected Olivia Culpo
Host for NFL, MLB and celebrity events


UNM is an outstanding system, and you went over and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and at home.  I could not have been more impressed by your system, and how smoothly everything went.

Victoria Henley, America's Next Top Model


No one tries harder to put together a world class program than USA National Miss! A former Miss America as their head judge! If that doesn't scream integrity I don't know what does! A girl who wins UNM truly is the best of the best! All are welcome to reach out to me for more of my experience with this phenomenal program!

Jim Walloch
Owner, JW Models


I’ve judged a lot of pageants and I’ve judged a lot of girls in my lifetime. None of those experiences even compare to serving on the judges panel for the 2014 USA National Miss Pageant. I was blown away by the caliber of contestants in each phase of competition. I have come to love this system and what it represents for today’s young women. Each and every girl, whether crowned or not, is treated like royalty and that is something to be praised. USA National Miss is set apart from other pageant systems in that it allows young women to be themselves and remain comfortable in their own skin. I don’t even have proper words to describe how phenomenal the national staff is-they truly treat everyone like family and go above and beyond to ensure your national experience is perfection. If you are looking for a pageant system to compete in, look no further…USA National Miss is definitely the one for you!

James Bryan
Miss America Certified Judge