UNM Debuts Cooking Show

Get ready for a healthy cooking video series… from the kitchen of your favorite national queens! Just in time for the holiday season, we know that a queen’s gotta eat… healthy! USA National Miss is excited to announce a new video series cooking show entitled “Cooking With The Crown” that will feature the six national queens in their kitchen whipping up their favorite healthy meals and snacks.” The episode dates will be announced soon but are expected to begin in the end of November, with a different show weekly through the end of December. The series will be featured on the UNM Youtube Channel.

Always one to keep things fresh and try never-before-tried ideas, USA National Miss continues to lead the way with new and exciting ways to allow everyone to get a glimpse into the lives of the national queens and expand pageantry to include uncharted areas – like a cooking show geared toward pageant girls. In direct connection with this year’s new optional Lifestyle and Fitness competition at nationals, the cooking show is a great tie-in while supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The video series idea for a cooking show came from the realization that the queens shared a love for food yet all had different tastes in what they enjoyed.

“We were sitting in the back of a taxi cab in New York City, and we were talking about whether or not Kendra could cook,” recalls Laurel Stiekes, USA National Teen. “And she started talking about what she likes to cook, and I talked about how I like baking instead of cooking, and once we started talking about how we all have a favorite thing we like to cook, Kendra said we should do a cooking show and Mrs. Jackie went with it.”

Not long after, the concept for the Cooking With The Crown series came to life, complete with UNM crown aprons presented to each of the national queens to use when filming their episode.

Be sure to follow UNM’s social media @usanationalmiss for episode dates.

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