by / Thursday, 30 June 2016 / Published in General, Inspiration, Nationals, Pageant Tips, UNM Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see “Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass” because I’m a loyal Disney fan and I loved reading both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be anything like the book (and it wasn’t), but I honestly loved the story Disney came up with. In the movie, Alice is older and must save Hatter’s family by going back in time via the Chronosphere, which the character, Time is the keeper of. (I really liked the idea because it’s similar to the time turner in Harry Potter. Can you tell I love Harry Potter?) I’ll try to not to give any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet. Clearly, Time is furious by Alice ‘borrowing’ the Chronosphere. Most of the characters think he is their enemy because he only gives us only so much of his time for living. (It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around Time being a character and being the keeper of time itself.) In the end, Alice learns that Time is our friend. He helps to heal any pain, grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, and learn from all our experiences. She learns that changing the past won’t help the future any, and certain things should be let go of. Alice then changes and returns home.

You might be asking, “Why are you writing about time? We don’t have that much time left to prepare for UNM Nationals 2016.” This is exactly the reason why I’m writing about time. You’re probably excited, nervous, making sure everything is set so you have as few worries as possible during the week of Nationals. You probably dream of the crown at night, and hear your name called as the winner of this incredible title, right? We all do it, so embrace it!

Having competed at UNM Nationals back in 2014, I get it. One thing we all know for certain is that there will only be one winner at the end of finals night… well, six—one for each age division. I’ve always found it’s best to prepare to win and to lose. Go in expecting nothing, but accepting everything, because this is the time for six outstanding queens to give up their crowns to their successors, a new group of six super queens to enter. Now is the time for the 2016 queens to go on a year-long adventure. I’m going to be completely blunt, you may be one of those lucky girls, or you may not be. It’s a simple fact of pageantry.

This does not mean that your time to be a UNM queen will never come. Your time will come. This year is the year for the six new queens, who have yet to be crowned. Not winning the crown does not mean you did a horrible job, or you are not as good as the girls who made the top fifteen and so on. Not winning the crown means this is simply not your time and it is someone else’s time. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and not winning the crown or winning the crown are things that are meant to be. It took me three years before I won my first state title. I felt like I would never win, but I kept my determination and worked hard, and eventually, I won! I was so ecstatic when I was called as the new state queen. I cherished every moment being the state queen, and made the most out of my reign. That’s something I don’t think I would have cherished as much if I had won on my first try. I was meant to win then, just as I was meant to make the top ten at UNM Nationals 2014. Katherine, Caroline, Gracie, Sabrina, Sofy, and Lexi were meant to be the 2015 UNM National Royalty. And you are meant to be at Nationals 2016!

If you are one of the girls who is meant to be one of the new queens, make sure to cherish all the time you have as the UNM national queen. Time will literally fly by. If you are not one of the girls who is meant to win the title, take this as a stepping stone to one day winning the crown. Time, if you think of him as a character, did this as a favor to allow you to grow, gain more and varied experiences, and prepare for next year. Time is giving you more time to prepare to be the best queen you can possibly be. You should also just imagine how wonderful and exciting it will be when it is your time to be the winner.

It may hurt at first, when another girl is called as the winner, but with time, things hurt less. Time also brings sweetness. As time passes, as you grow older and wiser, the win, will be sweeter. The more you have to wait and work for something, the more you will savor the end product. And you know who helped you with this? Time. He’s very funny that way.

Emma Rose represented USA National Miss as Miss Pennsylvania Teen in 2014, and is not only UNM alumni, but currently works on the UNM social media team.