Aeowyn Sayer Holmes first stepped on stage at 6 months old.  She loved it.  She has not stopped since.  She has competed in numerous local, state, and national pageants as well as modeling and talent competitions.

Aeowyn is a student at the Empire State Dance Center, where she studies tap, ballet, jazz, acro, hip hop, and is coached for runway, interview, talent, and evening wear.  She performed her first solo routine at 23 months.  Just turning 5, and she has already graced the stage over 30 times for dance.

She is a model and loves to get dressed up for a shoot.  She loves working with new photographers and designers.  Hoping to work the runway in NY fashion week, then break into a TV show, Aeowyn also has her sights set on the BIG Screen.  Then of course she would like to become a Baby Doctor.

When Aeowyn won her UNM New York title at the age of 4, she created Books 4 Bedtime.  This is her charity that she started to provide children that are sick in the hospital with books that can be read to them at bedtime.  Aeowyn loves her bedtime stories, she believes that ALL children should have stories read to them at bedtime.  “It helps you sleep, and they can take you to a magic place,” she said. The Syracuse Crunch helped her by sponsoring her charity this past year, and will be sponsoring again this year.  Aeowyn has also modeled for Models for Miracle, Make a Wish, and the Ronald McDonald House charity fundraisers.  She walked in the Vera House, Stop Domestic Violence Walk, and Stomp out Bullying walk thru her school.  One of her favorites so far was the Glitter Gala, which helped raise awareness for the St. Joesph’s Hospital NICU.  Aeowyn was a NICU baby.

Aeowyn is looking for volunteer opportunities, and appearances where even though she is little she can make a difference…one snuggie hug and smile at a time.  Remember reading is a gift that is easy to share.  Aeowyn encourages you to please read to others.

Instagram @usanationaljrprincess